Description meta tag

A meta tag is the summary of the page that is shown in the search engine underneath the page title and can be helpful for the searcher to deem whether or not the information they are looking for is there.

What Northern Village does

The Northern Village CMS allows you to add description tags to each page of your site. To add a description tag, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the page Admin.
  2. Click on the Settings subtab.
  3. Enter your text into the Page Description field.
  4. Save Description.

What you can do

Accurately summarize the page's content - A description that is both informative and short is best. If it is too long, the searcher will likely skim over it.

Use unique descriptions for each page - Using descriptions that are specific to each page instead of a standard description helps the searcher determine whether or not the page is relevant to their search.