Northern Village Environmental Policy

We recognize that our use of technology can both negatively and positively impact natural environments. (These impacts, and some solutions, have been effectively summarized by the Carnegie Cyber Academy, which we encourage readers to review.) The technologies on which our business depends consume energy and resources. They also create ecological disruption, pollution and waste. We further recognize that technology is used to improve industrial processes, human health and the environment. It is our responsibility to use technology in as sustainable a way as possible.

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of the values of Northern Village. We strive ensure a positive impact on the planet in everything that we do. Northern Village strives to be an environmental steward in the following ways.

The Basics

  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation; exceed minimums wherever possible.
  • Effectively manage any significant environmental impacts.
  • Continually look for ways of improving our environmental performance.

Green Energy

  • Use green energy whenever possible and offset any energy that is not green. Virtual staff use the climate offset calculator ( NV purchases corresponding offsets.

Product Purchases

  • Buy materials and resources from local and renewable sources.
  • Consider the life cycle of any products purchased to make sustainable choices.
  • Provide employees options for the purchase of sustainable products both for Northern Village and for personal use.


  • Aim for zero waste to landfill or ocean.
  • Maintain our technology to extend its use and reduce consumption.
  • Strive to maintain a paperless office including in virtual workplaces.
  • Encourage team members to dispose of e-waste and hazardous materials in a safe way.


  • When travel is required, use active transportation, use public transport, carpool or use non-fossil fuel transportation if possible.

Promote Environmental Sustainability

  • Advertise our environmental practices online to encourage others to adopt similar practices.
  • Learn about suppliers’ environmental policies and practices, and thereby encourage them to have them. We opt for suppliers who have them.
  • When working with charitable client’s whose main mission is to improve the environment, support them with reduced rates and/or donations.
  • Participate in the B Corp Climate Collective. All team members receive the newsletter to help them be knowledgeable and engaged in environmental stewardship.